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Byron Health is a leading clinic run by highly experienced physiotherapists and sports massage therapists, in the heart of South Leicestershire. We pride ourselves in taking the time to fully understand you and guide you through a bespoke treatment plan to resolve your symptoms and ensure they don’t return.

We believe in a holistic approach, combining traditional hands-on therapy, with evidence-based treatments including manual therapy, acupuncture & dry needling, ultrasound & interferential therapy, kinesiology taping, remedial exercises and sports massage, to get the best results possible.

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Byron Health

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…then you’re in the right place. We LOVE treating pain and injuries and our goals is to resolve the pain, ensure the injury heals correctly, and get you moving well again so you can get back to enjoying life, whatever that looks like for you. Find out what we treat by clicking the button below.

What To Expect

Our physiotherapists believe in a holistic approach, combining hands-on manual therapy such as manipulations, mobilisations and massage, with evidence-based treatment including acupuncture, dry needling, ultrasound, interferential therapy and kinesiology taping, alongside corrective exercises, to get the best results possible. Find out more about our treatments here.

Our Sports Massage Therapists use hand-on massage techniques to alleviate tension and improve circulation in the muscles and soft tissues. It helps to keep the body in good condition and reduce the risk of injury, whether you play sports or not. People often think sports massage is painful – it can be uncomfortable but we work to your comfort and tolerance levels - our goal is to relieve pain, not cause it.

When booking an appointment, we will ask briefly about your issue to ensure you’re seeing the most experienced therapist for your condition.

Before your first appointment you will complete a History & Consent Form, so before seeing you, your therapist understands what’s going on and how it’s affecting you.

During your Initial Appointment we will talk through your issue in more detail to get a clear picture of your symptoms and the effect they are having on you. We will then look at the area and do some specific tests.

We then progress with some treatment and make a treatment plan for you which will explain your diagnosis, what treatments we need to do, and how many sessions you’ll need and at what intervals, to get you back to the things you love.

Your treatment plan is based on our experience & expertise - it varies for everyone but our aim is always to get you fixed as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring lasting results and preventing recurrences.

What Treatments We Use

We use a variety of treatments here at Byron Health. Once we have assessed your condition we will decide on the best course of treatment for you, which is usually a combination of the following.
Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Which includes joint and soft tissue mobilisations, manipulations, graded exercises (proprioceptive neuromuscular functioning) and massage. We really value the effects of hands-on treatment and will usually always incorporate this into treatment where appropriate to relieve stiffness, correct joint & soft tissue irregularities, and promote healing.

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Small needles are inserted either into specific points to boost circulation, trigger the bodies natural healing processes and relieve pain. Acupuncture is taken from traditional Chinese medicine where needles are inserted into specific points along the bodies meridians (energy channels). Dry needling uses needles which are inserted directly into the affected area. Both methods have a therapeutic effect and we often use a combination of approaches but will decide what will get you the best results possible for your condition.

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Electrotherapy, including Interferential Therapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound and TENS.

These treatments are very gentle and may be used to relieve pain, boost circulation and cell-metabolism to help with soft tissue healing after an injury.

Kinesiology Taping

This can be helpful when you are either in a lot of pain in the early stages post-injury or later when returning to sport. Tape gives you support as well as pain relief and facilitating the healing process.

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Rehabilitation Exercises

Exercises are important in your recovery – either to stretch and release soft tissues which have become tight as they repair, or alternatively to strengthen muscles, for instance to improve your posture or restore muscle balance which may have led to the pain or injury. We will progress exercises gradually as your condition improves but always ensure they are tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Sports Massage

Helps to prevent injury if you have a busy life that puts your body under a lot of strain – this may be through sports, a very physical job or for that matter a very sedentary one. It can also help your recovery and we may recommend sports massage after you have had physiotherapy, to continue to improve the condition of your muscles and soft tissues.

Sports Massage

Not every treatment is suitable for every individual, and we will talk through the options we recommend at your initial consultation. We will often use different treatments as your condition improves, for you to get the most out of each session but will explain this all to you.

If you’re suffering with any of the above, or other symptoms that you think we might be able to help with, talk to us today.

If you’re confident we can help you can book online or give us a call to arrange an appointment.

If you’d like to talk to one of the team then give us a call or drop us an email.

If you’re not sure about whether we can help you and would like some advice from the experts, come and see us today for a Free Consultation. Here you will have the opportunity to talk to us about your symptoms and come away with a clear plan of either how we can help, or if we can’t, we will sign post you the best specialists for you.

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