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Where we share our secrets on how to stay fit, active and pain & injury free. It is our aim to answer those questions that everyone’s wondering when they’re experiencing pain and injury and give you clear guidance on what to do next including lots of self-help and advice.

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Sports Massage: What is it and who is it for?

Sports massage is a term that often conjures images of elite athletes receiving deep tissue treatments on the side-lines of a sporting event.
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Navigating Balance: Ever Feel Like The Room’s Spinning?

Balance is essential for our daily activities, but we definitely take it for granted! When it goes wrong, it can lead to a range of symptoms affecting our stability.
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Unwrapping Joy: 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Christmas

Like it or not, the festive season is upon us, bringing joy, laughter, and a myriad of activities that can take their toll on us.
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7 wins for working from home

This week I learned (courtesy of Selina – thank you!) that Display Screen Assessments are a legal requirement for desk-based workers.
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Sleep & Injury Prevention: The critical role of a good night’s sleep.

I don’t know if you’re the same, but I never sleep as well in summer. It may be the light evenings & mornings; it may be the absence of a heavy duvet.
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10 hour journey?

At the time of writing this I’m currently sat in the back of the car – darling daughters been upgraded to the front to juggle leg room & human space..
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The secret to perfect posture

Whether we know our posture isn’t great, or aren’t even aware, less than perfect posture may be the cause stiffness, aches and pains..
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3 secrets to faster recovery from injury

None of us are made of lead, and whether because of an obvious trauma or a more subtle overuse or irritation, we will often incur soft tissue injuries.
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The truth about a trapped nerve…

What we’re generally referring to is either sharp pain, or paraesthesia (either tingling/burning/numbness/pins and needles) locally close to the spine…
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Let’s talk mud.

The first things is it gets slippery. Finally, we’re getting some rain and either the grass is wet or gone altogether and the ground gets slippery.
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6 Ways to overcome pain and stiffness this autumn

First of all, lets look at the changes we make. September often means a return to routines such as back to school or regular groups.
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